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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

So, you have made your amazing song and you can't wait to get it released on your dream label. You upload the song on a drive link, frantically search for demo mails and send a long paragraph about yourself. You wait. Then more often than not your demo gets the standard rejection. You're about to give up. But wait ! Don't give up ! Here's some essential submission tips.

Hunting for the right label

Find a label you can connect to and vibe with. Don't run after big names. Get yourself published and keep working harder on your music. Those big names will come soon enough. Look for labels that work with your particular genre. Don't send wrong demos to the wrong label.

Demo Submission

Let's talk about the demo. It's quite debatable but personally,as a label, me and others prefer a full song for a demo. Do make sure that it's the complete song. Don't send a rough sketch and expect the labels to evaluate based on that. The melody and the drop are pretty important. Be especially sure that they are there. Some ground rules ? Always send a SoundCloud private link. Labels hate drive links or Dropbox links. SoundCloud adds a touch of professionalism. Now that you are sending the SoundCloud link, make sure the link is working and not broken. The last thing we want is something like this :

Sending the mail

Now that you have the song uploaded with a proper link, it's time to draft that perfect mail. Remember, you're making a pitch, and first impressions matter. Do talk about your song and your style. Give the label an idea of what to expect in the song, along with the genre. Don't write that you sound like someone famous. Rather, change it to "If you like the style of *insert artist name*, you will find this in your taste. Talk about yourself but not too much. The basic details. It's a submission, not your high school essay. Talk briefly about why you chose that particular label. Pro tip : Don't send the same mail to every label and do not, under any circumstance mail all the labels you know at the same time. Learn to sort. Choose a maximum of 2-4 labels for your song. Here's a sample submission mail :

Now comes the hardest part

You wait for them to answer. It takes time and the wait is worth it. Record Labels are swamped with releases and it takes time for them to get back to you. Don't send them follow up emails. We hate that kind of a thing. You will eventually get your reply. If it's accepted, congratulations ! You made it. If not, do not give up. It's not the end. Send the song to other labels and try working on it a bit more. It'll happen soon enough. Do work on improving your songs and hold on. The famous names didn't become famous in a day. It takes time.

Pro tips

There are some things to keep in mind when you're making a demo submission. Firstly, communicate through official channels. Dig around and ask for demo mails. Avoid messaging the founders or the Facebook pages and sending your demos. It's unprofessional and usually ignored. Don't give up on labels that have rejected you. They might not like this song but they could definitely love your next song. Connect with other musicians and label A&Rs. Build a good professional reputation. It's key to your success.

Alternatively, you could also try SubmitHub or LabelRadar

If you wish to submit your demo to Cryptic Records, here's the submission mail :

Written by : Sayendra Basu -CEO, Cryptic Records

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