Interview with rising EDM sensation Pharien

Japan-based artist Junnouske Shida, better known to his fans as Pharien has been creating major waves in the electronic and dance music industry. Pharien was the first-ever Japanese artist to be signed on Spinnin' Records and one of the most rising dance music DJ/Producer in Japan at the moment. From high chase releases on the coveted Revealed Recordings to Armada Trice, he has finally found home as a Spinnin Exclusive artist. His signature style is a dreamy chord progression with a chill atmosphere, evident from his hugely popular tracks like Falling, There For You and Marathon. It was quite an exciting interview with this energetic producer.

1.How did you start your career as a producer/musician?

As a child, I was exposed to many kinds of music like Rock, Jazz, City Pop and EDM and classical thanks to my mother. When I was 18, I used the demo fo FL Studio to make beats after finding out that was the software used by Martin Garrix, whom I followed very much. At 19, I remember releasing my first progressive house track which did not even have sub-bass (laughs). In the same year, I started college and released tons of tracks before being signed by Hardwell's legendary label, Revealed Recordings. That was a turning point in my life as it made me believe in myself and also shifted my style of music to Future Trance/Future House and Deep House. That resulted in more tracks released on Armada and Strange Fruit and was an important part of self-discovery.

2. What is your favourite genre of music?

Well, I would say that I mainly work with Deep House, Progressive House and Tech House. But I also dig Techno, Trap, drum 'n' bass as they are quite a highlight when it comes to EDM. Although, lately I have stopped genres to my music because I am experimenting and inventing and there really isn't a term to describe that. But it resonates with my love for music. Right now, I am focusing on using my signature sounds to make new songs. My favourite song? Well, currently, it is Daylight by my friend Mick Mazoo. It's definitely unique and inspiring.

3. What do you think about the current trend of EDM and the new Covid-19 situation?

Following the current trend of EDM globally, I have to say that there is an increased demand for chill and radio-friendly tracks like Slap House and Deep House, music which makes people's lives happier and brighter. In these times, it's essential to provide people with hope and a reason to be happy. Essentially there has been a major shift in trends of EDM. As for Covid-19, I currently have no gigs. I was supposed to be touring Europe but that's scrapped for now. But I got more studio time and it helped me work on new tracks and styles. The Covid scenario has majorly affected artists, DJs and the industry in general. Being stuck at home, motivation and inspiration for something new are quite limited.

4. Is there anything new that fans should be looking out for?

Yes! I have a lot of new tracks coming up soon. I can't reveal them all and I love to keep the suspense up, but I have an upcoming collab with Stadiumx, which will hopefully be released by Hexagon this year. So, stay tuned!

5. Your advice to upcoming producers and DJs?

In this competitive world of EDM, to establish yourself, you definitely need your own music and signature style - something that sets you apart from the rest. Also, a strong profile is essential, through releases, support and shows. Building a fanbase through interaction, releases and gigs is crucial. The more music you make, the more fans you gain. Every support counts. Another important thing: do not give up! I know getting rejected by labels is demotivating but don't give up. You'll get there soon. Consistency and hard work is the key to success and making it big!

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