Brand management : How and why is it important ?

Before we start on the why and how it is important to establish exactly what we mean by branding. When we tell you Martin Garrix, the first image that comes to your mind is the logo, the '+x' or the helmet when it comes to Marshmello. Branding is the visual and literal mark of who you are and it represents you. Branding is essential for a strong fanbase, for a sign to know you by. It reflects the artist's goals, ideas and his/her/their personality and is very important for press releases and connecting with your fans. Here are a few ways to strengthen your brand presence and efficiently manage it:-

  • Decide on a name and a logo that represents you, your music and who you are as a person. As always, connect to what represents you. The logo should be unique and distinct so that it's not mistaken for someone else.

  • Choose a name that is unique, concise and easy to say/spell. Don't use something difficult and logo. The goal is to be remembered and not to be used as a bad example. Most DJ/producer names have two bits to it and it helps in remembering/spelling. Like marsh-mello, Ties-to, Ky-go, Dead-maus etc. If you do choose a big name, make sure it's catchy.

  • For DJs, very few of them actually use the term DJ before their name. (No, DJ Khaled is an exception. Shh). Try and focus on your artist name. Your work and your brand will speak for itself.

  • Be uniform in your branding. Same logo and same font across your social media to have uniformity and clarity in your brand.

  • Add your logo in your album art, your posters or any other promotional material. Visual cues are a great help in memorizing. The more they see it, the more the chances are that they will remember you.

  • Treat your brand just like you would treat your work - with respect and importance. The brand doesn't just mean your own line of hoodies and merch. If you're an upcoming producer/artist, I would suggest you to not do that. Save that money until you have enough to invest in luxuries

  • Another key method of branding is keeping your social media active. Post as much as you can from your social media. Build a connection with your fans. Treat your fans as a family.

  • If you're a DJ, your brand is even more important. If you go to gigs, wear a tee or a hoodie with your logo/brand plastered over it. Trust me, it's one of the easiest ways of associating the brand with you. Visual imagery is very powerful.

  • If you want to promote your brand, you can do a giveaway of a tee/hoodie with your brand on it. Not only does it help your brand, but it also helps your interaction with fans.


How do I make my logo?

Logos aren't that difficult to make nowadays. There are freelance designers who will charge you very nominal amounts for your logo. Or you could try free services like Logomakr to get your desired logo. Now, there are some important things to remember. Make sure your logo is clean, simple and leaves a lasting impression. Two tones themes work great. Try not to make it look like a unicorn shit rainbows. You might as well remix the My Little Pony theme while you're at it. Make sure the logo looks good both in colour and black/white.

Keep Variations

Make sure to keep variations of your logo in different colours and in different formats like .jpeg, .pdf, .png and .psd. You never know when it comes handy.

How do I design my brand assets?

Brand assets refer your Facebook cover picture, your YouTube cover picture and most importantly your Spotify profile. Make sure to have your logo as contrasting as you can. Make it stand out. So that every time they listen to your music or go to your page, they are greeted with your brand image.

Written by: Sayendra Basu - CEO, Cryptic Records

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